Standing Rock, North Dakota.

By this time we were so far from home… yet it felt like there we were. Once again we arrived late at night. The sunset was beautiful, but on the backroads we quickly lost sight in the dark. Our GPS failed us, and we found ourselves pulled over on the side of the road. Almost immediately a vehicle approached us. “Can I help you? Are you guys ok?” It was this kindness and genuine care that would guide us through our time at Standing Rock. 

The next day was spent with Alexis, Darlene and Billi Jo. We met them at the Prairie Knights Casino & Resort, where they brought their cherished jewelry, belts, and head-pieces to augment the wardrobe. We photographed on their Uncle Syd’s horse ranch until the prairie sun set. You couldn’t put into words the beauty in such kindness, generosity and overall spirit of each one of these people. Even so far from it, Standing Rock was a place where we really felt at home. -Shari

Alexis Archambault, 24

“I’m moving to Grand Forks, but for the majority of my life, I have lived on a reservation, where I’ve been surrounded by many women who have demonstrated strength, love, and perseverance. I look to them for guidance when I’m struggling, because where I’m from, no woman is alone. If I had five minutes to speak to the country, I would talk about the struggles Native American communities face from poverty to suicide to cultural appropriation.

“My dream is to help restore damaged areas of the Earth while raising my daughter. I hope she chases her wildest dreams and never settles.”