Lincoln, Nebraska.

Next stop Lincoln, NE where we had the opportunity to stay with my older brother Jesse, his wife Meg + their 6 kids. Familiar/familial faces + a crazy fun house was a much needed respite from the hotels we’d been crashing in.

(By Ragen)

“Once we arrived in Lincoln... 103 degrees and humid, Lincoln, exhaustion overwhelmed us. No matter what task you oblige to, a depletion can strut effortlessly around you. We eyed each home as we slowly scoped our accommodations in Nebraska. Each humble house mirrored the perfect set of a TV sitcom. “THAT’S IT! THAT’S THE HOUSE!” We crept undeniably in front of a home that housed eight smiling faces; Jesse, Meg, Lilly, George, Ellie, Jesse Kate, Sam, and Luke. Each one of them smiled a familiar smile. Each one of them housed a familiar face. Each one them existed in that same wealth of care that Holly couldn’t help but demonstrate. Holly’s kin had it. Kelsey, Allison, Sophie, and Cecilia had it. The middle of us… the U.S. undoubtedly had it. 

We can trudge through our scope with our dogmas, ideals, and skepticism. We can look past what we don’t want to see. We can poke fingers and blame… call it right. Call it left. We can conclude that its totally you and most certainly not me. We can exist in this place… in this very strong place and forget that the state of US lies not only on the other end of the tin can, but that there’s also a precious connection for the line that’s in-between.
There’s Black folk in Lincoln, too!” 🙌🏼 

Sophie Costello, 19

“One thing about Lincoln is that I don’t live on a farm or drive a tractor to work while listening to country, like a lot of people think. I actually hate country and would rather throw on some Mura Masa while driving my Jeep. I don’t even own cowgirl boots. But the sunsets — I know every state claims they have the prettiest sunsets, but nothing compares to the bright-red color of the sky on a summer afternoon in the heart of Nebraska.”