Winterville, Georgia.

From New Orleans we traveled northeast to Winterville, GA where we stopped at the endlessly enchanting Sweet Olive Farm Animal Sanctuary, whose magical farmhouse amid rolling pastures sets the scene for a happily-ever-after kingdom. As the sun set on a long day’s work of caring for injured, neglected and aging animals, we photographed three beautiful, salt of the Earth farm hands: Delaney, Melissa and Amy. After stomping through fields of cow pies in Louboutin heels, cradling chickens like babies and laying amongst a field of goats in Gucci dresses, we found ourselves wrappin’ up the evenin’ at a local karaoke bar where we listened to ‘Ring of Fire,’- Johnny Cash probably spinning somewhere in his grave.

Melissa Redd, 26

“Instead of being distracted by people, I listen to the sound of leaves and crickets. It’s this whole buzzing, active, and alive world which has nothing to do with people or what people have created. It has always been there, and it’s still there.”